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So I’m here with the girls from ‘2 Become 1’ – Hi girls, good show, how are you?

Good thanks, a bit tired, bit wet!

Enjoying the Fringe so far?

Yeah, loving it! / It’s been amazing, yeah, we’ve got our day off tomorrow, our only day off, kind of excited to have a day to rest our voices / and it’s sunny now, it’s stopped!

Party for your day off?

Yeah definitely! [laughter] A little bit of partying, it’s got to happen

How’s the show gone thus far, because you’ve moved venue this year? You were in C last year?

Yeah, we were in C venues last year, and Underbelly this year. Yeah, it’s gone surprisingly well. The room’s a bit big, but people seem to be buying tickets so that’s nice! [laughter] / Yeah, it’s been amazing how much we’ve…because we’ve doubled it and more – we were 60 last year and now we’re 150. But yeah, it’s been fine, we’ve been selling…I think because we had that buzz from last year still, so we’ve managed to take that over to this year.

Has the show changed much?

Yeah, there’s a couple of new songs, and a few new scenes as well. So yeah, it’s longer, it was forty minutes last year? / yeah / And it’s an hour this year, we’ve added in some fun bits! / Yeah, we did some work on the script as well, and the songs from feedback from the audiences.

Do you get annoyed with the songs?

Yes. [Laughter] ‘No Scrubs’, we never want to hear it again! / It’s so bad if you’re listening to your iPod and any 90’s song that comes on just skip, skip, skip / It’s funny, in the show, never get annoyed, or never get bored of singing them, or doing them but it’s yeah… just listening to them out of the show… so… [Laughter]

Have you had any awkward experiences? It was quite awkward today with that guy in the front row. Any… really awkward people that you’ve picked out?

Umm, yeah! We do have… dancing on the audience, and err, once it was my dad! [Laughter]

Someone else didn’t fancy picking him out themselves?

No [laughter], please no! / I do…

Have you seen much else here [Edinburgh Fringe] while you’ve been here?

Yeah, we saw the best show yesterday. I’m just gonna tell people to go see that! Police Cops? / It was on at Pleasance / it was… absolutely unreal! Physical theatre, comedy / so wonderful / also I love, Mr Swallow Houdini – comedy musical, really good / and there’s a play called Uri – a Welsh play that’s on at Underbelly. What time’s that on? ten past ten? / ten past ten.

And of course, you’re coming to see the Improv Musical?

Oh yes, of course! [Laughter] We haven’t had a chance, but everyone come see the Improv musical! / We’ll be there!

What’s next for you guys, after the Fringe?

So we’ve got a run at the King’s Head Theatre in December and January – 2 Become 1 – then we’ve got some interesting touring in the spring, next year.

Wonderful! / Do you guys do…you did quite a few performances in – I follow you on Twitter

Ooh! Thanks!

I’ve seen you’ve done loads of different performances around the country?

Yeah, we’ve done some in Brighton / Yeah, just in Brighton really, but we want to…Oh! We went on tour together with another show up in Scotland so we probably put something up then. Thanks! Such a fan! Brighton Fringe we did, but this year we’re really hoping to get a national tour.

Final question – How does 2 Become 1?

With a bit of zig-a-zig-ah.


Taylor Mee

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