[spacer height=”20px”]I love travelling across varies cities, getting lost on the streets and stumbling upon quirky local cafes. In my recent adventures, I had an opportunity to explore and embrace the ambiance and spirit of the city of Bristol – somewhere where there are probably more vegetarians and vegans than normal meat-eaters. Since I’d only been there once before my visit, I was ready to dig deep and search wide for all sorts of funky, vegetable-filled dishes.

I decided to give a little overview of my trip and all the delicious food I got to try out.

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First up – Roll for the soul

This delightful café was the first destination amidst my adventures. I had been told that this particular café served the ‘best vegan burger’ in all of Bristol by my fellow companions, and boy did this place exceed my expectations! Not only is this establishment a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, it is also a bike shop offering a full range of repairs and servicing in the workshop situated upstairs. I certainly had to go for the hyped up vegan ‘Soul Burger’ with a side of double-fried chips and a homemade vegan mayo. This burger that was most certainly worthy of its reputation. I couldn’t pinpoint its exact ingredients, but it was filling, hearty and full of ‘soul’ as promised. To my surprise, the chips were also out of this world! I do not know what they did to them, but they were so delicious that I physically couldn’t stop eating them with my vegan mayo pot. I even ended up getting another pot and dipping my burger into it as it was so flavoursome.

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Second highlight – Eat a Pitta

I am the BIGGEST fan of falafel. It could be presented to me on a salad, in a burger, in a pitta, with a bowl of rice… Anything. I absolutely adore it. So when I heard the rumours of this great falafel stand, I knew I was the girl for the job to test out how good this falafel really was. I was elated at how big the portion was – you really get your money’s worth. On a normal day I probably would’ve only been able to consume half of the pitta, but on that particular day I carried that majestic creation for hours as I was adamant on finishing it. They must’ve put about 8 generously sized falafels (I believe they were cooked in chilli oil as they were more appetising than any ordinary falafel), a huge dollop of hummus and a salad medley. This was truly the second best falafel pitta I had tried in my entire life that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who’s around the Bristol area!

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Something sweet – Swoon

In the course of our adventures, we came across a gelato café that we really fancied stopping by for something a little sweet. This lovely looking café was busy and had a vibrant dynamic to it, with an eccentric interior design and a large variety of mouth-watering ice-cream flavours on offer. I personally went for a scoop of mascarpone and blackberry as well as pistachio ice cream (my all-time favourite since discovering it in Italy years ago) while my friend went for a scoop of chocolate hazelnut and salted caramel. The pistachio was absolutely sublime and could easily compete with the gelato I had tried in Italy, and although the mascarpone was enjoyable, it was too heavy for me to finish in the end (possibly due to that fact I had devoured a massive falafel pitta earlier on in the day). I also got to try both the flavours my friend had, the hazelnut being rather exquisite and almost addictive, but the salted caramel was slightly underwhelming as it ended up being too salty for my liking.

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