There’s something special about live music that can never be quite captured in a studio album, but equally, the sound quality of a studio recording can never really be matched by a live concert. In a UK first, however, Sennheiser are attempting to blend the two.

On 5th March at Cadogan Hall, soul star Mica Paris & jazz musician Chris Standring will couple the excitement, passion, and unpredictability of a live performance with superior, studio-quality sound thanks to the Sennheiser headphones the audience will be listening through.

The event follows in the footsteps of Snarky Puppy, the Grammy-award winning fusion band whose album We Like It Here was recorded in front of a live audience. A full band and string section will be accompanying Standring, along with special guests to be added as the date nears.

Jazz FM will be media partners for the event, and their own Nigel Williams had this to say of it all:

‘As someone who has been listening to great jazz artists for decades, when I heard Chris play live, I felt that his music would translate beautifully to CD but that there was an edge to the sound that can only really be captured live. This event offers the best of both worlds and is a great way of embracing both the traditional concert-going experience and advances in the way we can listen to music.’

SoulandJazzLive will also be capturing the event in both 4k video and sound alongside partners Sennheiser.

It all sounds pretty neat, and with Mica Paris & Chris Standring doing their thing, it should be quite the night.

Sound good? Check out the event here

Image: Cadogan Hall

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