It’s interesting how many incredibly talented artists there are, but who are unknown because their songs aren’t out on the big music platforms. With a little bit of research and curiosity you can discover singers, song-writers, and musicians that produce terrific music. Caitlin Morrow, the focus of this interview, is certainly one of these artists, who has a delightful voice with a pure sound, her music accompanies the audience through a journey of hope and solace from any fears or doubts.

Morrow is 19 years old, and lives in Darlington in England. She plays acoustic pop which “came naturally from her music experience”.

Coming from such a small place such as Darlington, Caitlin says she remains very attached to “the local venues with small crowds of people”, but would still love to break into the music world and have her songs heard and appreciated more widely. She’s been singing since she was very little, but she only started “taking music seriously” during late primary school when she started playing the piano and then three years ago she learned how to play the guitar.  Her real music career begun playing at open mics and now she is building up a small audience and group of fans which follow her and invite her to their private events around the area where she lives.

On her Facebook page Caitlin Morrow Music, she often posts new songs she has written or videos of her performances, often accompanied by her friend Ed Gill which she calls “an extremely talent person”. Gill is a close friend of hers, who plays various instruments astonishingly, such as guitar and violin.

Choosing to pursue a music career is an extremely difficult choice, often leading to hard work for many years before being able to play in bigger venues and building a strong audience. Young artists often participate in talent shows to skip forward a few years and jump into the music business, sometimes even without being prepared to face the challenges of such a career. When asked why she never participated in any of these shows she said: “I used to watch talent shows, but never really thought of participating in one because I am not interested in the fame side of music, but more in the opportunity of expressing myself and produce emotions. Artists that participate in talent shows often go in with an idea of music and come out changed and shaped by what the big audiences like”. Morrow wants her audience to like her music for its purity and because it comes from her heart.

As a songwriter, Caitlin writes all her songs, both music and lyrics which are inspired by her favourite artists, such as Lewis Watson. She says that ninety per cent of the lyrics in her originals are from her own experience and she often sings about friendship and love, as well as adventures around the country.

Her first EP is going to be released during this summer, which will set forth her first step in the world of published music.

“When I prepare for a gig, even if it’s a small one, I am always very nervous, but I also try and concentrate on the emotions I want to express”. Caitlin knows exactly what she wants to do. It’s not important to her how much time or effort is required, she will do it. She focuses on the bright side of things and remains always positive, giving everything she has when she is doing what she loves: singing.

Image: Caitlin Morrow

Andrea is a first-year Journalism and Politics student at Cardiff University. He grew up in the countryside of Florence, where the hills and vineyards make up beautiful and inspiring views. Andrea is very passionate about theatre and music, especially when these reach to a philosophical and spiritual stance. Being born in the city of Dante Alighieri has helped Andrea develop a taste for art, which he would like to pursue in his career as an art journalist. His dream is to bring back “Saturno”, the arts section of his favourite Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. Antonio Gramsci is his greatest…

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