“I want her to know it was me”. ‘The Queen’s Justice’ ends on a bitter note for Cersei, despite it being a successful episode for her. It sets up a revelation that is set to shock the Lannister twins, and I for one cannot wait.

Backtracking, we had an extremely exciting episode this week, where the fate of Westeros once again hung in the balance. We finally see the meeting of fire and ice; Daenerys and Jon. It is this unsuspecting pair who will hopefully soon find out the true nature of their relationship, especially now Bran is back in Winterfell (although is it just me or was he being strangely creepy towards Sansa?). The first quarter of this episode was dedicated to capturing this, rather than rushing past it, allowing the moment proper space to breath amongst the countless other developments in Westeros. There were several moments during this interaction in which Jon’s non-Stark status was noted, and his real heritage hinted at. The show is teasing us, and I’m looking forward to this revelation being revealed. On a more pragmatic note, the news that Jon will be allowed to mine dragon glass from the island is an important development in the battle against the White Walkers.

Can’t they all just form some sort of (progressive) coalition? No?

…Oh Sansa, how you have grown! Consistently proving herself to be a successful Queen of the North, I’m beginning to question where my true loyalties lie in the battle for Westeros! Considering my immense indifference to her for most of the show, Sansa is beginning to surprise me! Can’t they all just form some sort of (progressive) coalition? No? Okay, fine. Instead, can we all agree to get rid of Littlefinger sometime soon?

The actual ‘Queen’s Justice’ was quite satisfying to watch, actually. Despite Cersei’s brutality (and her slips into madness), she exacted her revenge in a calm level voice and with personal flair. It was a scene to remember, with the Rains of Castamere reaching a crescendo as mother and daughter reached for each other, shackled only just apart.

how is Tyrion’s innocence going to play with Cersei?

My favourite part of the episode was probably the taking of Casterly Rock. Tyrion’s voice was cast over the proceedings, very much like a bank robber-heist sequence, especially in his revelation of the sewer entrance. His impassioned speech almost makes it seem like all is well in the fight to take the Rock. But it’s all too easy a fight for it to be Westeros, and the twist in the episode provided just the comeback we needed from the Lannisters. It’s all a game, and they certainly know how to play.

Matched with her military prowess in out-manoeuvring Daenerys’ alliance, Cersei has proven herself to truly be Tywin’s daughter. Now that Cersei has promised to pay the monarchy’s debts, the precarious position she has held in the past few episodes seems preposterous. I’m a bit thrilled to see her prove an equal opponent to Daenerys… does that make me a bad person? Luckily any smugness she may have will be short-lived with Olenna Tyrell’s dying revelation – so how is Tyrion’s innocence going to play with Cersei?

All to be revealed (perhaps!?) in next week’s episode ‘The Spoils of War’. So many questions! Until then!


You can watch the show on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and pre-order the DVD on Amazon here.

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