‘Baby Wants Candy’ is infamous at the Fringe. The format is simple: they take an audience suggestion for a musical title that has never been written or performed before, they then create a musical on the spot… the question is: are they worth the hype?

Last night’s title was the quite hilarious ‘Pregnant Nuns with Guns’ – a raucous and controversial show was sure to come. The great thing about BWC is that their comedic appeal spans bawdiest slapstick to the driest wit. The cast demonstrate exceptional skill in combining brilliant comic timing with fantastic vocal capabilities.

However, it is ‘Yes Band’ that really creates the ‘real’ musical experience (i.e. one that hasn’t been made up on the spot). The band is made up of Dan Reitz (keyboard and musical director), Andrew Burton (bass), Kenny Miller (drums) and Eddie Trainer (guitar), who must be commended for their almost instantaneous ability to produce the richest and catchiest tunes. Musical Improv is quickly becoming a hackneyed genre at the Edinburgh Fringe, so if you’re unsure of which group to see, remarkable ability of the full ‘Yes Band’ sets Baby Wants Candy apart from the rest.

Its infamous and almost legendary reputation at the Fringe is one that it wholly deserves.

It is no surprise to see that past alumni have gone on to perform on SNL, 30 Rock and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The cast touring the Fringe are unanimously exceptional, with Zach Reino and Jiavani Linayao particularly shining last night. There is no doubt about it: the professionalism and immense talent of the cast proves that ‘Baby Wants Candy’ is the mother of all musical improv groups.

‘Baby Wants Candy’ is more than worth seeing – it is an an absolute must-see for any making their forays to the Fringe.

It is more than a show. It is an experience. Plus, for added incentive, if you’re the lucky soul that has their improvised title picked, it is made into a t-shirt! I envy the guy who won a t-shirt with ‘Pregnant Nuns with Guns’ on the front…

Even if you’re not a “musical person” (I’m absolutely not) you must see this show. Its infamous and almost legendary reputation at the Fringe is one that it wholly deserves.

Tara Carlin


Baby Wants Candy is showing at the Edinburgh Fringe, tickets can be found here.

Image: Alex Elena

Tara Carlin has just graduated from UCL with a degree in English. She has written for the Financial Times, Financial Adviser, and Savage Online. She is an actor and director and has recently set up a theatre company named Shakespeare’s Sister.

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