Raindance Film Festival is back for its 25th Annual Festival, and it seems the festival is going from strength to strength in its silver jubilee, with a fantastic programme launch earlier today.

The programme launch, held at the recently refurbished Vue in Leicester Square was hosted by Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance, as well as jury member and actor Jamie Campbell Bower. The Festival is due to screen over 200 projects next month, after receiving the highest number of submissions of all time. These will includes, features, shorts, web series, music videos, and a dramatic increase in Virtual Reality, with several new categories especially.

They released a Festival Trailer, which you can see here:

The full list of nominated UK Features, Documentaries, Short Films and Web Series are:

In Competition International Feature Films

  • Maya Dardel, Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak, USA
  • Mukoku, Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Japan, UK Premiere
  • Noise, Koichiro Miki, Japan, European Premiere
  • The Constitution, Rajko Grlc, Croatia, UK Premiere
  • Hello Again! Tom Gustafson, USA, UK Premiere
  • The Traveller, Hadi Ghandour, France/Lebanon, UK Premiere
  • Swaying Mariko, Koji Segawa, Japan, International Premiere
  • High & Outside: A Baseball Noir, Evald Johnson, USA, World Premiere
  • Black Hollow Cage, Sadrac González-Perellón, Spain, UK Premiere
  • Djam, Tony Gatlif, France

Best Documentary Feature

  • The Family I Had, Katie Green and Carlyle Rubin, USA, UK Premiere
  • RiverBlue: Can Fashion Save the Planet? David MacIllvride and Roger Williams, Canada, UK Premiere
  • On Yoga The Architect of Peace, Heitor Dhalia, Brazil/USA, UK Premiere
  • Bluefin, John Hopkins, Canada, European Premiere
  • Speak Up, Stéphane de Freitas and Ladj Ly, France, UK Premiere

Best Debut – Discovery Award

  • A Trip to the Moon, Joaquin Cambre, Argentina, UK Premiere
  • I Still Hide to Smoke, Rayhana Obermeyer, France
  • Scaffolding, Matan Yair, Israel/Poland, UK Premiere
  • Children of the Night, Andrea De Sica, Italy, UK Premiere
  • The Story of a Satellite, Sonia Albert-Sobrinoa and Miriam Albert-Sobrino, Spain, European Premiere

Best UK Feature

  • In Another Life, Jason Wingard, World Premiere
  • Stooge, Madeleine Farley, World Premiere
  • The Dark Mile, Gary Love, UK Premiere
  • Edie, Simon Hunter
  • Isolani, R. Paul Wilson, World Premiere

Best International Short Film

  • Game, Jeannie Donohoe, USA, UK Premiere
  • Goddess, Karishma Dube, India/USA
  • Lethe, Dea Kulumbegahsvili, France/Georgia
  • Mixtape Marauders, Peter Edlund, USA, International Premiere
  • Viola, Franca, Marta Savina, Italy, UK Premiere

Best UK Short Film

  • Work, Aneil Karia
  • Diagnosis, Eva Riley, European Premiere
  • CLA’AM, Nathaniel Martello-White, European Premiere
  • Wild Horses, Rory Alexander Stewart
  • 46, Joseph A. Adesunloye, World Premiere

Best UK Web Series

  • I Gotta Be Me, Steven Bloomer
  • Stories of Note, Caleb Yule
  • Pls, Like, Tom Kingsley
  • Millennial Theory, Hugh O’Shea, Philip Whiteman

Best International Web Series

  • The Adventures of A Broken Heart, Ariel Martínez Herrera, Argentina
  • High Life, Glen Dolman and Luke Eve, Australia
  • The Breakup List, Aaron Khoo, Singapore
  • Jezebel, Julien Bittner, France
  • Save Me, Fab Filippo and Dylan Pearce, Canada
  • Clash of the Narratives, Robin Forestier-Walker


  • The Misandrists, Bruce LaBruce, Germany
  • Becks, Daniel Powell and Rebecca Drysdale, USA
  • Discreet, Travis Mathews, Germany

Women in Film

  • Melody Makers, Leslie Ann ColesUK
  • Barrage, Laura Schroeder, Luxembourg
  • City of Joy, Madeline Gavin, USA


The Festival is also launching several new Virtual Reality categories:

Best Interactive Narrative Experience

  • Life of Us, Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, USA
  • Manifest 99, Adam Volker and Bohdon Sayre, USA, World Premiere
  • Ray, Rafael Pavón, Spain, World Premiere
  • Treehugger: Wawona, Robin McNicholas, Barney Steel and Ersin Han Ersin, UK

Best Mobile Interactive VR Experience

  • Horizons, Yuli Levtov, UK
  • In The Eyes of the Animal, Robin McNicholas, Barney Steel and Ersin Han Erson, UK
  • The Unfinished, Balthazar Auxietre, France, International Premiere
  • Virtual Virtual Reality, Samantha Gorman and Adam Veal, USA, UK Premiere

Best Cinematic Narrative VR Experience

  • Alteration, Jérome Blanquet, France, UK Premiere
  • Broken Night, Alon Benari and Tal Zubalsky, USA, UK Premiere
  • The Tragic Story of Betty Corrigall, Peter Boyd Maclean, UK, European Premiere
  • UTURN, Nathalie Mathe and Ryan Lynch, USA, European Premiere

Best Documentary VR Experience

  • First Impressions, Francesca Panetta and Nicole Jackson, UK
  • Iranian Kurdish Female Fighters, Namak Khoshnaw, Iraq, UK, World Premiere
  • Songs of Vine, Maira Clancy and Blake Montgomery, USA, Peru, European Premiere
  • ¡Viva La Evolución!, Fifer Garbesi, Cuba, UK Premiere

Best Animation VR Experience

  • Arden’s Wake, Eugene Chung, USA, UK Premiere
  • Dear Angelica, Wesley Allsbrook and Saschka Unseld, USA, UK Premiere
  • Rain or Shine, Felix Massie, UK
  • Song of the Sea, Jerrica Cleland and Tomm More, Ireland, UK, Denmark, International Premiere

Best Music VR Experience

  • Beethoven’s Fifth, Jessica Brillhart, USA
  • Mind Enterprises: Chapita, Eran Amir, UK
  • Peroration Six, Fabien Coupez, USA, World Premiere
  • Reeps One: Does not Exist, John Hendicott and Gawain Liddiard, UK, USA, UK Premiere

Best Branded VR Experience

  • Manchester City – Match Day, Adam May, UK, World Premiere
  • Snatch VR Heist Experience, Rafael Pavón and Nicholás Alcalá, Spain, USA, UK Premiere
  • The Chainsmokers Paris VR, Brynley Gibson and Russell Harding, UK, European Premiere
  • Welcome to Laphroaig, Darren Emerson, UK, World Premiere

Best Sensual VR Experience

  • Come! (Viens!), Michael Reilhac, France
  • In My Shoes: Intimacy, Jane Gauntlett and Andrew Somerville, UK
  • Second Date, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Netherlands, USA, World Premiere
  • Through You, Saschka Unseld and Lily Baldwin, USA

Best Social Impact VR Experience

  • 42 Days, Animal Equality, USA, Spain
  • Aftershock: Nepal’s Untold Water Story, Catherine Feltham, UK
  • Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon, James Manisty and Grace Boyle, UK, Brazil
  • You Are There. On the road to ending Polio, Peter Collis and Vanessa Moussa, UK, USA, France, Switzerland

Best Sound Design VR Experience

  • Life of US, Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, USA
  • Reeps One: Does not Exist, John Hendicott and Gawain Liddiard, UK, USA, UK Premiere
  • The Resistance of Honey, Peter Boyd Maclean, UK, UK Premiere
  • The Tragic Story of Betty Corrigall, Peter Boyd Maclean, UK, European Premiere

More information about Raindance Film Festival, including tickets and passes, can be found here.

Image: Raindance 2017

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