With the fall of the leaves in September comes the concurrent dropping of new albums, and some of which that have been released this season have been pretty bloody fantastic. So, here are my favourites from the recently-released and you can listen along with our new Spotify playlist which will be updated with each of our Newly Released articles:

Sleep Well Beast by The National

September 8th 2017

The National’s seventh album is a mix of classic sounding indie hits and ballads. To describe it as I heard it, it sounds like a combination of The Pixies, The Smiths, and any thing from the Juno soundtrack. It’s inherently political and, in classic National style, lyrically beautiful. This is especially true for the tracks ‘Nobody Else Will Be there’ and ‘Dark Side of the Gym’. For a bit more of a bop I’d recommend ‘Day I Die’.


Broken Machine (Deluxe) by Nothing But Thieves

September 8th 2017

This is a really good album, and it’s good for many occasions but mostly to belt in your car while driving down a dramatic highway. ‘Sorry’ is especially good for belting and driving. It’s punchy and interesting, while maintaining a vaguely Strokes-like and accessible sound. ‘I Was Just a Kid’ is the first track and it’s bound to get you moving.


Wonderful Wonderful by The Killers

September 22nd 2017

Whether you know The Killers’ full repertoire, or you’ve just belted ‘Mr Brightside’ one too many times in the SU club-night, this album is worth a listen. ‘The Man’ works as an indie dance tune but can also be seen as the soundtrack to some sexy sexy car advert/Made in Chelsea background music. ‘Rut’ is also beautiful and haunting and just lovely. Would recommend listening from front to back in one sitting.

Bambino by Superfood

5th September 2017

The pop ensemble from Birmingham have written a joyous and peppy album while remaining innovative and interesting. The combination of indie production with some Ska beats thrown in and some Santana-esque guitar riffs makes for a great listen. This would be the perfect soundtrack for a road trip across the mid-west (of the USA that is). Basically I thoroughly believe that most music sounds its best in cars.

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle

15th September 2017

This album is political, interesting, and part of what Open Mike Eagle has described as ‘art rap’. Pitchfork described this album as “a small, quiet monument to a housing project in Chicago” and that’s exactly what it is: just as the album cover suggests it’s about the humanity and the homeliness of the now demolished Robert Taylor Homes in the community where Open Mike Eagle grew up. The album is poetic, powerful, and ultimately serious. Again this is an album that needs to be heard in one sitting from front to back. ‘Hymnal – Sammus’ is gorgeous. ‘Brick Body Complex’ stands out the most on the album, holding the clearest message, and the accompanying music video released in August is amazing.

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Image: The National

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