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EJ Oakley, ‘Something To Remember Me By’ by The Horrors

I’ve been a huge fan of the spindly-legged Southend-on-Sea quintet since I was about 15, but their new album V takes that obsession to new heights. ‘Something To Remember Me By’ is perhaps the most pop-sounding number that The Horrors may ever put out, but that doesn’t stop the track from imbuing every note of its Giorgio-Moroder-inspired beats and synths with a strange, yet much needed, sense of catharsis. Bad day or good day, this is the song you need to just take everything off your shoulders.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Save Somebody’ by High Contrast

Following on from his recent signing with 3Beat in the spring of 2016, Welsh producer High Contrast dropped his highly anticipated 6th studio album, Night Gallery last week. ‘Save Somebody’ is a standout track from this latest album, his first in five years. Haunting vocals mix with long reverberating synthesisers underpinning the tune. The slightly downtempo drum and bass beat that drives the track through compliments the melody that is reminiscent of late 90s Moby. Recent dance charts have seen a resurgence in piano house but perhaps now, High Contrast is leading us back through this and into a new era of Electronica.

Brooklyn Jones, ‘Waking Up Slow’ by Gabrielle Alpin

Gabrielle Aplin has been teasing us on Instagram with snippets of her newest work for ages, and finally released her new EP on the 29th September. From Avalon, Aplin’s latest release ‘Waking Up Slow’ retains much of her lyrical expertise which made English Rain such a great album. This is a bit more pop-y than her previous singles, but is a great track to roll on the weekend. The whole EP is worth listening to, but ‘Waking Up Slow’ is by far my favourite and from the looks of the previews the accompanying video will be equally fabulous.

Sidrah Zubair, ‘Chaos’ by Rich Chigga

Brian Imanuel, who goes by the partly politically incorrect moniker ‘Rich Chigga’, has made huge progress since he released his first single ‘Dat $tick’ two years ago. Though it was totally satirical, he became a viral sensation with his clever wordplay, no-damns-given attitude, and clean production. He even managed to cop rap heavyweight Ghostface Killah in a remix.

Anyways, this is a kid from Indonesia who learnt English solely from watching YouTube videos – now he’s pals with the likes of Post Malone and is touring the US over the next few months. This year truly has been whirlwind for his career after a series of releases, and now he’s back with another gritty tune, ‘Chaos’, accompanied with a video in which he sits on a swivel chair in a bright yellow Champion hoodie and boxers (yes, just boxers).

We are greeted with a sample of Chigga wishing himself a happy 18th birthday and rejoicing that ‘women can legally have sex with me now.’ Of course, I’m sure all newly-turned 18-year-old boys rejoice this fact in front of their mirrors as they spray on some Lynx before they go out on the lash to rid themselves of their adolescence, but Chigga actually vocalises this without any awkwardness and a good sense of humour. Instead of rapping about unfamiliar things such as drugs or violence, he’s making songs about what he’s going through right now: his rise to fame, girls, partying, girls, defying his haters, and girls.

Of course, let’s not forget about the actual beat itself. True to the Imanuel style of production he’s becoming known for, it’s gritty, it’s immaculate, and it suits his unusually deep voice perfectly. If you aren’t on the Chigga hype train yet, you NEED to stop wasting time and start listening because this kid is going places. Check out ‘Chaos’ here.

Clare Clarke, ‘The Storm’ Freestyle by Eminem

Eminem waxes lyricals in his brand new freestyle – and how timely it seems to be in the never-ending wake of American political news. ‘The Storm’ is exactly what America needs, a powerful attack on president Donald Trump, with lines such as “racism is the only thing he’s Fantastic Four/ Cos that’s how he gets his fucking rocks off and he’s orange’. (As a side note, Eminem has made a point of rapping ‘orange’ before). The song goes beyond a superficial attack, and almost becomes an important guide to Trump’s tactics, accusing him of using his attacks on the NFL as a form of distraction from what’s happening in Puerto Rico and gun reforms for Nevada after the recent attack.

Beyond the cleverly set up assaults, Eminem’s platform is a unique one as an artist whose fanbase crosses over with Trump’s supporters. The rapper addresses this himself, as he draws a line in the sand and asks his fans to be “either for or against”. The reaction to the freestyle has been widespread since its release on the 10th October, both by celebrities and online commentators alike. Taking a quick glance at the comment sections on the videos on YouTube, one particularly telling comment reads “CAN’T BELIEVE I EVER LIKED THIS SELL OUT PIECE OF SHITS [sic] MUSIC. HE IS DEAD TO ME.” So, it seems Em has gotten his wish but I just hope some of his Trump fans also listen to what he has to say. As, sadly, the freestyle is unavailable on Spotify currently, I’ve added his new peppy collaboration with P!nk, ‘Revenge’ to compensate your ears with – and the YouTube video below.

With Eminem’s new album slated to be released 17th November, lets hope the album keeps up the good work.

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