The Chase & Status duo have been on the music scene for over 15 years and four albums’ worth of music, and their experience shows in the flawlessness of their performance.

Having met at University, as it seems all great bands do, they’ve collaborated over the years with Rihanna, Plan B, and Tinie Tempah. They are veterans in their profession (considering how quickly music moves these days) and have managed to remain relevant and current in an ever-changing industry.

Some of you may be familiar with their opening act Big Narstie, a North London staple as quintessential as the puffer jacket, well-known for his viral videos as an internet personality. He took the stage to the delight and surprise of much of the audience, readying us for the main act.

My friend and I managed to eventually wiggle our way to the front so when Chase & Status came on stage at 9:20 we were in the epicentre of the music. As their first tune ‘Tribes’ began, the bass began to rumble so heavily my eyeballs were buzzing. Thanks to some earplugs and two Jäger bombs supplied by a friendly bartender, I was increasingly able to tolerate the noise and the crashing crowd. Each song flowed perfectly between sets and their strong visual effects matched the mood completely. I have to take my hat off to whoever designed their visuals and lights as they were amazing and completely mesmerising.

while they are old-hands at performing, it is very unlikely that they will ever fall out of style

The familiarity of their tunes made it truly memorable and every single song on the set-list was greeted by a yell of recognition. The tunes received with the most vigorous response were ‘All Goes Wrong’ (from their newest album), ‘Alive’, ‘No Problem’ and ‘Eastern Jam’. Personally ‘Eastern Jam’ brought back some very strong memories of being at one of my first proper house parties at 15 years-old and figuring out how to dance while maintaining a cool appearance. A number of guest performers kept the mostly pre-recorded music fresh for a live performance and the audience ate it up. Their guests included The Section boys, Liam Bailey, Kano, and Tom Grennan, all of which successfully dominated the stage and maintained the attention of the entire audience.

Their newest album is filled with powerful collaborations (um hello again Craig David) and proves that while they are old-hands at performing, it is very unlikely that they will ever fall out of style. My dream is to still be going to their gigs at 80-years-old, however I might need some slightly stronger earplugs at that point.

Sadly, I only found out about their meet and greet and vinyl signing from their Instagram after it was already over, however the excellent cocktails at Seven at Brixton somewhat consoled me (try the frozen margaritas).

You can find their newest album Tribe on all music platforms, and you can catch them next on tour in Romania, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Prague.

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