It’s November! Halloween has passed, and Christmas songs are on the horizon. So as we wait for the festivities to kick in proper, here are our favourite singles of the week, from the musically varied Panoptic team. Lets see how long it takes before they get Christmas themed… Enjoy and let us know what you’ve been listening to! You can listen to our Spotify playlist, and follow us, here.

Freddie Metherell, ‘The Sun’ by Myd

It’s not hard to debate that Autumn has firmly arrived. Sun seekers shouldn’t fear however as Myd, a French producer and alumni of La Fémis, has the perfect remedy to push back those long cold nights. ‘The Sun’ is another laid back feel-good French house tune to add to an ever-growing list. Woozy guitars glimmer and birds chirp merrily throughout the track, helping you clasp to the last of the evening sun. Add to this the delicate vocal melody, and this song has me asking, couldn’t the summer drag on a little longer?

Brooklyn Jones, ‘Love Me More’ by Chase and Status

The combination of Emeli Sandé’s gloriously strong voice, and the production power of Chase and Status makes this an extremely powerful tune. If it’s not already on your playlist it definitely should be, and if it’s not the soundtrack for the next Olympics/Paralympics I would be extremely surprised. This is the track you use to hype up before a night out or before you deliver that boss-ass presentation. It’s god-damn empowering. Taken from Chase and Status’ fourth and most recent album Tribe, released in August this year, it has the strength to be one of the stand-out singles from it.

Clare Clarke, ‘Midnight Train’ by Sam Smith

Sam Smith is back with a whole new album, just in time since I was running out of songs to mope to. The album, The Thrill Of It All was released today, so enjoy bingeing to it while deciding if it can match up to its fantastic predecessor In The Lonely Hour. Choosing a Single of the Week from the album is proving difficult, but it’s going to have to be ‘Midnight Train’ (for now). The song, which advocates putting yourself first in relationships and choosing to walk away, is a simple ballad. But its message, which weighs the consequences against putting yourself first, is a quietly empowering one. As ever, Smith’s voice is superb and will ease you into any of the ballads from the album.

Mei Lian Hoe, ‘Cuphead Rap’ by JT Music

Nostalgic for the old days of 1930s cartoons and groovy tunes? JT Music creates a wonderfully vibrant and fun rap filled with Cup puns and game references, whilst staying true to the old-timey cartoon vibe of the game it’s based on. It is probably the height of JT Music’s fanmade raps to date, mixing together clever lyrics with a real banger of a chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. The song really exemplifies how far their composition and writing skills have come since they began. It’s fun and funky fresh, and a beautiful appreciation of the 1930s aesthetic. Can music have an aesthetic? The Cuphead Rap sure does, and a marvellously executed one too.


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