January isn't our favourite month but a certain playlist is back again this week, to keep those spirits high. From the musically varied Panoptic team, we bring you our favourite singles that we've been jamming out to over the last few days.


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Brooklyn Jones, ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra

George Ezra burst onto the music scene with his 2014 album, Wanted On Voyage. His insanely distinctive voice and style haven’t really been heard from since. That is, until this year when he released ‘Paradise’ which is to be followed by his second album Staying At Tamara’s on March 23rd. ‘Paradise’ is a jaunty indie hit, with the opening call-and-response harking back to early Mumford and Sons. His signature style is hard to depart from, largely due to his original voice, making the single concurrent with his previous releases. However, Ezra has told the press that his new work has much more of a romantic edge, with ‘Paradise’ describing the beginning stages of a relationship. This single is a great precursor to his upcoming album, and is sure to whet the appetite through his accented tenor.

Clare Clarke, ‘Rebel Heart’ by First Aid Kit

There’s something so absolutely mesmerising about the vocals of First Aid Kit, and the song ‘Rebel Heart’ is no different. I chose their song ‘Fireworks’ as single of the week a while back. In my review I was anticipating this very day – when their full album Ruins is released. On first listen, it’s a great album but there’s something about ‘Rebel Heart’ that stood out for me. Lyrics such as ‘But I know you truly saw me… Maybe that’s why it hurts now’, pair so perfectly with the haunting vocals of this Swedish duo. It’ll break your heart, but don’t worry, you can keep going down that vicious cycle with other songs like ‘To Live a Life’. The album feels like a countrified-ABBA, and that is not a complaint. It’s easy listening with a poignant touch. So whether you want to soundtrack your breakup, or colour your commute with fabulous vocals – check out ‘Rebel Heart’ and the full Ruins album here.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Song for You’ by Rhye

Rhye, the R&B duo, are back with their latest single from their second studio album. ‘Song For You’ is a soundtrack to intimacy, comfort, and connection. Returning, once more, are the androgynous croons that have become so synonymous with Rhye. Mike Malosh’s vocals are the nearest thing to the audio equivalent of pouring out a pot of honey, leaving us wanting more. He tells the story of falling in love, perfectly complemented by a gentle piano and thick guitar strums. Layered throughout are soft comforting strings that warm you to the core, with an enlivening crescendo. Minimalistic, yet ethereal, Rhye’s single is reflective of a romance beyond the typical image created by a sexually obsessed pop culture, in the acceptance that there is so much more.


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