For the London edition of the worldwide Time’s Up rally, protestors showed their commitment to the fight for equality and declared “Time’s Up” on sexual harassment.

The crowd persisted through rain and sleet to hear the speakers and mark the anniversary of last year’s enormous protest of the same name. Speakers included Helen Pankhurst, granddaughter of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. She delivered a speech marking the forthcoming 100-year anniversary of women’s partial suffrage this February.

Journalist and author Reni Eddo-Lodge was also part of the line-up, as well as Sophie Walker from the Women’s Equality Party, journalist and trans activist Paris Lees, and non-binary activist Maria Munir.

The focus of all speeches was on intersectionality and inclusion; “every woman counts. Every woman deserves to be safe. Every woman deserves to live her life without limit. And we leave no one behind,” announced Lees.

The demonstration shares its name with the #TimesUp campaign, launched by Hollywood stars in January aiming to tackle sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

At the LA Time’s Up rally on Saturday 20th January, which had a turnout of approximately 600,000 people, actors Natalie Portman, Viola Davis, and Scarlett Johansson addressed the crowds.

The London version was a much cosier affair with an estimated 7,000 people in attendance. Nevertheless, people of all genders, ages, and species (there were many dogs) built an atmosphere of unbeatable warmth and power.

Some of the signs, as shown in the gallery above, had incredible slogans. Some of my favourites included: “If a dog can be a feminist, so can you!”, “Tweet everyone with respect”, and “Anything you can do we can do BLEEDING”.

Image: Tara Carlin 2018
Tara Carlin has just graduated from UCL with a degree in English. She has written for the Financial Times, Financial Adviser, and Savage Online. She is an actor and director and has recently set up a theatre company named Shakespeare’s Sister.

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