Rejoice! January is over. You did it! Good job! We've got the perfect treat for you. From the musically varied Panoptic team, we bring you our favourite singles that we've been jamming out to over the last few days and the ones to watch in 2018. You've earned it.


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Shingi Mararike, ‘Walk It Talk It’ by Migos feat. Drake

In hip hop conscious circles, it is common knowledge 2017 was the year of Migos. The mumble rapping three piece dominated the scene behind the bass thumping bravado of their smash hit: ‘Bad and Boujee,’ the lead single on their seminal album: Culture. Their high-octane beat selection and energetic, ad-lib driven style left a lasting imprint on what is now arguably the world’s most influential genre.

Heading into 2018, Migos are attempting to replicate that album’s runaway success with a sequel: Culture II. Disappointingly, their latest effort flounders under the weight of expectation. The trademark Migos formula, which has scarcely changed in the last 12 months, often feels tired and repetitive over the course of a lengthy 24-track LP.

There are however, moments that see the trio at their best, namely the Drake assisted ‘Walk It Talk It.’ They mesh well with the Canadian superstar to concoct an infectious number. A thumping beat simmers nicely underneath standard moments of braggadocio. Memorable one-liners include: “Drop dead fresh I need a coffin” and “I bought a franchise to double up the profits.”

Migos may struggle to remain the force they were last year, but they still possess the trademark arrogance and energy that propelled them to the summit of the urban scene.

Samuel Spencer, ‘Dancing’ by Kylie Minogue

I’d love to tell you my choice for single of the week is an obscure grime track from Soundcloud or something produced in a Brooklyn basement, but I can’t. 2018’s first true banger is Kylie Minogue’s ‘Dancing’, the music video for which was released this week.

Whereas Lady Gaga’s recent transition into country music saw her abandoning everything that made her interesting in the first place, Kylie has brought every single sequin worth of camp she has to her new single. The result will have you rushing to get a glittery cowboy hat on ASOS.

Brooklyn Jones, ‘One of Us Will Lose’ by Glen Hansar

Those who know me best, know that I thoroughly believe in the power of a cleansing cry every week or so. This song will surely bring it out of you within seconds. Another key part of my character is the impact that the movie ‘Once’ had on me. The crux of that film is the beauty of Glen Hansard’s music. Although Hansard has released many great works since, this new single from his album ‘Between Two Shores’ brings back around that simplicity and splendour. If you’re a fan of truly beautiful folky music (by which I don’t mean faux folk, cough cough Mumford): step 1) listen to this single, and step 2) go watch ‘Once’. You won’t regret it. This single is heartfelt, beautifully written and designed for catharsis.

Freddie Metherell, ‘All that Fear’ by Lucy Rose

When the stress of the week boils over, I spend my evenings doing absolutely nothing. Lucy Rose’s new single ‘All that Fear’ is the ideal soundtrack to fading out, and away from all your problems. Rose has a deftness to her song writing that sees her music sway across genres. This latest release toys with several moods too. Soulful organ marches into stomping piano. The final transition is into an arpeggiating swirler, complemented by fluttering harp. The vocal range shown by Rose is impressive, yet her soothing tones leave you feeling mellowed out and ready to persevere with your week.

Image: Capitol Records

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