Next week, we celebrate and express our true feelings to our nearest and dearest. Yep, you guessed it, it's Pancake Day. To tie you through until then, we've got a little treat in store for you. From the musically varied Panoptic team, we bring you our favourite singles that we've been jamming out to over the last few days and the ones to watch in 2018.


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Brooklyn Jones,’Saturday Sun’ by Vance Joy

If you’ve been alive in the past couple of years, you’re probably familiar with Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ which dominated the summer of 2014. Joy has also produced some truly stunning music alongside, including ‘Mess Is Mine’ and ‘From Afar’. This new single brings back that welcome summer feeling, that this especially cold February is crying out for. Although it begins in his usual ukulele-led style, the work explodes into an anthem-like tune of pure joy. And while it seems like every song is lyrically centred around California, Joy brings a different outlook in this lyrically robust tune. Joy’s upcoming album Nation of Two, will follow on the 23rd of February.

EJ Oakley, ‘When I Come Home’ by Husky Loops

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is rolling around, and you’re either crazy in love or drowning in a flood of lonely, existential despair. If you need a song for this week, look no further than London’s most exciting art-rock trio. Husky Loops have got you covered with this wonderfully bittersweet number, complete with a tinkling melodic riff perfect for a solitary walk home under milky yellow streetlights.

Definitive of unrequited affection in friendships and romance alike, ‘When I Come Home’ takes you by the hand and guides you gently through the otherwise gnarled landscape of emotional turmoil that comes with human connection. A lofty description, I know, but I’m not exaggerating.

“We talk so much we never mean anything,” sings frontman Danio Forni; his normally frenetic, strained vocals finding peace for a spare moment. “I’d like to tell you how I feel but I can’t feel.” The chorus’s emotional one-two punch is backed by a quasi-hip-hop feel on the second verse and fronted by the haunting refrain of “everybody loves you, and everybody needs you… Mother, daughter, sister, lover – so many things I would tell you.” By the time the track’s final jazz-infused notes ring out, it will have proven itself a fully cathartic experience.

‘When I Come Home’ speaks volumes; it is a warm hug or a sincere smile, perfectly articulating what the hear wishes would remain unspoken.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Cool’ by Soccer Mommy

This week, I have chosen a song that is very timely in its release. Soccer Mommy’s second release from their forthcoming album, Clean, describes a woman stronger and more bad-ass than any man out there. A century has now past since women first won the right to vote. The story of a woman’s fight against the establishment that is told in the song, provides an apt nod to the past. The tune itself is grungy and lo-fi with jiggling hooks, reminiscent of the songs that shot Yuck’s debut album to prominence at the turn of the decade. With fuzzy bass and joyfully abandoned delivery, this song, in my eyes, is objectively cool.

Image: Fat Possum

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