Valentines Day has come and gone, and as the discount chocolates sit on the shelf we've had our ears to the ground listening to the newest and greatest. We bring you our favourite singles that we've been jamming out to over the last few days and the ones to watch in 2018.


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Brooklyn Jones, ‘Wild Love’ by James Bay

James Bay is back with a very different sound and a very different look. His signature long locks and hat have got the chop, and his acoustic and well meaning sound has undergone a similarly drastic change. This new single has much more of a produced sound, and i’ll admit the 90s sounding drums and autotune made me take an initial step back. However, my pure adoration of a joyful gospel-like harmony-filled chorus drew me towards that repeat button. Also, seriously, go look at his new haircut. 10/10 content.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Only Trying 2 Tell U’ by Puma Blue

This week, I’ve been won over by the androgynous croons of Puma Blue’s frontman, Jacob Allen. “Only Trying 2 Tell U” provides a wonderful companion for any Sunday morning.
The drums patter softly and slowly, and the instrumentals are spectral. Allen’s gently intense vocals however, escalate this tune into a sizeable serving of R&B. Looking back at mistakes and frustration, the singing is woozy and sensual – perfect for curling up in bed, oblivious to the world outside.
South London isn’t short of emotional men, but this newest arrival to the scene, may have just gazumped them all.

Samuel Spencer, ‘Moon River’ by Frank Ocean

Any gay or bisexual boy’s youth is wasted if they didn’t spend it singing their favourite female singer’s songs in the mirror. Frank Ocean shows us why with his latest, a cover of the great song from the usually objectionably racist ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘Moon River’. It’s hard to think of two people more different than Ocean and Audrey Hepburn, yet he finds a common thread of quiet melancholy between himself and Holly Golightly to make this song a slow-burning delight.

Image: Virgin EMI

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