As per usual, it's been a week of unusual news stories, changeable weather, and a lot of talk about the weather. This week we've been keeping warm with our favourite singles that we've been jamming out to over the last few days.

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Emma Bradley, ‘Raw’ by Sigrid

Feisty Norwegian newcomer Sigrid has been one of my favourites since her first song came out. I’ve been trying to see her live for months now, but her new single Raw is tiding me over until the next time she inevitably sells out in London or Bristol. It’s simple, catchy, easy-to-groove-to pop at it’s finest. It’s also pretty fair to say that she’s got more control over her voice than I do over my entire life. I’ve already got it completely drilled in my head. A definite favourite from her.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Moon Unit’ by Flyte

This is Flyte’s first release since they dropped their debut album at the close of the summer last year. They recorded two new songs when they retreated to the rough solace of the Isle of Wight for a winter break. My favourite of the two is ‘Moon Unit’. The more upbeat of the release, it is jam packed with tight harmonies and guitar hooks that get you head nodding. The song takes a psychedelic twist in the bridge, in what is perhaps an additional nod to Frank Zappa – along with the song title. The song fills me with a contented liveliness as it lopes along. Just what is called for as we enter exam season.

Amar Mehta, ‘Sanaa Lathan’ by Room4

Having recently launched the independent label, Room4 Ent, Josh Ogunmokun and Jay Radia’s love for music is a throwback to the hayday of rap. Future Memories Volume 1 showcases an array of talented young British producers, singers, and rappers. Sanaa Lathan really optimises this. Featuring Kwoli Black and Keshon Whyte, this song will put a smile on your face.

Brooklyn Jones, ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’ by Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges has a truly beautiful voice, and this soulful tune makes you realise why people compare him to the great Sam Cooke. The dreamlike xylophones, violin, harp, and piano reminds me of the start of ‘Pure Imagination’, but the bass and beat that come in beneath give it the volume of a proper soul track. The lyrics are beautiful too, and his voice and expression compliment them perfectly. Bridges has been on the scene for a while, but this new track is sure to bring him back to the forefront.

Image: Columbia Records

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