There are women all around me,
They refuse to be defined
By their hair
Their choices
Their parenthood
(Or lack thereof)
Their ability to look refined.
These women walk in power,
With graceful smiles
And chilling snarls.
These women hold the hands of others,
Stride purposefully, alone,
Write, smiling, in corners,
Captivate rooms with booming voices,
And they fight, shout, nag and moan.
I am surrounded by women,
And they walk undefined.
I am one in a sea of wonderful women,
And that is just damn fine.
A short piece for International Women’s Day 2018.
– Joanna Hagan-Young
Clare is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Panoptic. Clare is, unfortunately, enthralled by politics and TV alike - perhaps due to their current similarities.

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