Thankfully, spring is here at last. With that, we've taken the cue to spring into action and hit you with another dose of our favourite singles from the past week. With the return of Yungen, and The Magic Gang finally releasing their debut album, we've got some tunes that we think you just might like!

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Amar Mehta, ‘Mind On It’ by Yungen feat. Jess Glyne

The sun is shining, the snow is finally gone (touchwood) meaning that spring is coming. With the change of season – and the clocks – comes a whole host of new songs in anticipation for the summer. This week, Jess Glyne and Yungen linked up to release ‘Mind On It’. After breaking through in 2017, this year might prove to be huge for the South London rapper. ‘Mind On It’ is a superb return following his hit single ‘Bestie.’ It is an addictive, soulful dose of UK rap with plenty of nods to the underground. A titanic pairing, Yungen has set the bar high on what may prove a big year for the rapper.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Slippin” by The Magic Gang

I’m not ashamed to say, I’m a Magic Gang fan and I have been for a long time now. They produce this effortless fuzz makes their amiable melodies so much more full. Their most recent album has only served to bolster my opinion on them. My favourite of their recent release strikes a tone that is an apt twist on their affable vibe. The verses hum and as we reach the chorus there is an outpour. Guitar twangs and vocals tell of an acceptance of struggles. I’m more of a melody man than a lyrics man, and the guitar hooks fit the mood so perfectly that I just cannot stop listening to this tune.


Image: Warner Music UK

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