I know we'll have panicked a lot of you lot last week. We're back though, and here to settle your nerves this time around, we have two thoroughly energetic tracks. We hope these get you dancing your weekend away.

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Bill Bostock, ‘Carnivale’ by Studio Mule w/ Miyako Kouda

Before Christmas, Tokyo label Mule Musiq launched Studio Mule, an experimental sub-label, providing a festive gift which we all had to wait a while to play with.

Their third offering is ‘Carnivale’, featuring Miyako Kouda. The saturated record is a revival of Japanese 80’s dance classic ‘Carnaval’, by Taeko Ohnuki, coming out all those years ago in 1980, on RCA records. The rehashing brings with it new rolling hats, which compliment the energy that only Studio Mule could bring with their in-depth knowledge of Japanese Nu-Wave and Nu-Disco.

The EP, boasting Dance and Extended Edits, is the work of Kuniyuki Takahashi, the only regular fixture in the new Mule project – collaborators like Kouda come and go.

Out on Cologne label Kompakt, the Dance Edit plays homage to the original, with the dreamy Extended Edit on the flip provides a more club-friendly house version, according to Takahashi.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Dance Moves’ by Franc Moody

Franc Moody have arrived to the electro funk scene with a tropically-tainted strut. Their latest release is an amalgamation of previous tunes, with a few new offerings for us to taste.

The title track of the EP, ‘Dance Moves’ opens up to a signature squelchy synth. Its a funky tune. The bass line swaggers in an 80s kind of groove; guitars skank away friskily, and 50s organs round off the song, giving it a wholly inclusive sound.

This EP has me ready to jig my way through to the summer.


Image: Juicebox Recordings

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