This seems to be a week of unity with the Korean War finally drawing to a close. How long this peace will last is not for certain. One thing that is more indubitable is that the united Panoptic team will keep churning out our singles of the week. This time around, we have some Fenne Lily, a helping of Snail Mail, and a track off J. Cole's latest album.

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Amar Mehta, ‘KOD’ by J. Cole

J. Cole released his latest album, KOD, last Friday and its yet another filled with lyrical prowess. Take the second song on the album, “KOD”, a stark reminder of Cole’s most obvious talent. It so happens that the self-produced title track seems to flirt with a contemporary trap aesthetic. It almost feels like a statement unto itself; anything you can do, I can do better. “KOD” sets the album up nicely.  Both the album and song are must listens.

Dominyka Morkvėnaitė, ‘Brother’ by Fenne Lily

Since Fenne Lily’s primary release of ‘Top To Toe’ back in 2016, I’ve been impatiently waiting for the release of each new single. As such, finding out that she’d quietly released her first album, ‘On Hold’, at the start of April without my realising was a happy surprise this week! Within it, I found a new gem – the melodic and melancholic ‘Brother’. Almost a lullaby, the gentle strings in this song are soul-soothing and match Fenne Lily’s whispery voice perfectly. I’d recommend giving this song a listen whilst walking home after a few glasses of wine, feeling a bit tipsy and a lot nostalgic.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Heat Wave’ by Snail Mail

I’m weirdly obsessed with this jam. It seems slightly odd timing for a release that bemoans the oppressive summer sun, as I for one am craving a few extra rays. This song is about the hopelessness and exhaustion of heartbreak in the hottest part of the year – emotions that I’m sure at least some of us can empathise with, in regards to fore-coming exams. Throughout the sweet guitar riffs that make this song so alluring, there is a discrete soulful desolation to the lyrics. I’m hooked.

Image: Dreamville, Roc Nation, and Interscope

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