Bringing you tracks by HONNE and Oddnesse, here are our favourite recently released singles, from the musically varied Panoptic team - enjoy !

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Amar Mehta, ‘Me & You ◑’ by HONNE feat. Tom Misch

After the release of Geography, Misch released this song with HONNE, who seem to be gearing up for an album release themselves. ‘Me and You ◑’ will get you up and grooving – the smooth melody is complimented by boppy neo-soul undertones. HONNE fans are eagerly anticipating the release of their sophomore album and if this song is anything to go by it will be a good one.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Trust’ by Oddnesse

Oddnesse was born out of an ambition to create musical narrative. Listening to the first few bars of the track, this seems to be yet another that is rolling into a statement piece. Before it can develop into that, a distinctively impressive bassline kicks in. This seems to knock the tune into gear. The song that unfolds, orbits around this bass. There is a reverberation to the guitar that sees them fade from focus. The synths are so atmospheric that you could fall through them. Lyrically, the song is unfailingly uplifting. The swooning vocals that pass on this sentiment are infectiously welcoming. There is nothing too deep to it. ‘Trust’ is a straightforward, delightful pop song.

Image: Tatemae Recordings

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