What have the Panoptic Team been listening to this week? I hear you ask. Fortunately for you, here are the tracks that we've been grooving out to all week. Big Shaq is back and he won't dance for anyone. We're not sure if he's heard the new Gilligan Moss song though.

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Amar Mehta, ‘Man Don’t Dance’ by Big Shaq

It was around this time last year when comedian Michael Daphane’s parody rap persona, Big Shaq, stormed the music scene with Man’s Not Hot. Since this unexpected rise to fame Shaq has had a whirlwind 12 months. Earlier this week, he was back where it all began, on the BBC 1xtra show ‘The 8th’ with Charlie Sloth. It is here that he dropped his new song ‘Man Don’t Dance’. Filled with unconventional bars it’s more of the same, Big Shaq is not hot and doesn’t dance. This might not reach the heights of his first single, its a banger which i am sure we will be dancing to in clubs in no time.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Want U So Bad’ by Gilligan Moss

Gilligan Moss have just dropped a really spicy funky number. If you can get behind a bit of bass slapping, you’re partial to a spot of jazz organ, and if a good beat gets you on your feet, ‘Want U So Bad’ really is the tune for you. For a long time, the NY based duo have been inspired by Jamie XX and the well worked synths are a nod towards his traditional work. Although this isn’t a far cry from Moss’ normal sound, you wouldn’t be shocked if this song was plucked straight from the charts of the 1970s. It has certainly set my hips agrooving.

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