Although it sometimes feels like the weeks drag on for Years & Years, we're quite enjoying that this week. Check out what singles have been getting the Panoptic team grooving this week with Years & Years and Mura Masa ft. Octavian

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Amar Mehta, ‘Move Me’ by Mura Masa ft. Octavian (Official Audio)

South-east London Rapper Octavian is slowly shaping the sound of British rap and building an empire between the capital’s fractured music scene. He has teamed up with Mura Masa to bring the vibey dancehall-peppy house song ‘Move me.’ This is Mura Masa’s first new music release in 2018. He had one of the best electronic albums in 2017, however this song moves away from that. It is more of a dark, percussive tune. It feels like a natural collaboration and ‘Move me,’ is a must listen.

Brooklyn Jones, ‘If You’re Over Me’ by Years & Years

I’ve always known about Years & Years from their previous singles, however I didn’t truly appreciate how amazing the group was until I caught frontman Olly Alexander performing ‘If You’re Over Me’ on Graham Norton last week. Alexander’s voice is just stunning, and quite unique for the genre the band operates in. Although this single is a bit more Clean Bandit than their previous work, however the joyful and jaunty instrumentals make it the perfect song for the summer.

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