5 days into July we are well and truly in Summer. This is what the Panoptic team have been grooving to during the heatwave (and subsequent rain). Also, Amar Mehta begs the question, is it coming home??

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Amar Mehta, ‘Three Lions’ by Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds

A football anthem has been given a new lease of life this year, following England’s (so far) successful campaign in Russia. Is it really coming home? You better believe it! And I am sure you will hear this across pubs and bars on Saturday, June 3 – when England play Sweden in Sochi at 3 pm. I’m constantly singing this and starting to believe…It’s coming home!

Brooklyn Jones, ‘Humility’ by Gorillaz

Gorillaz new album ‘The Now Now’ follows the success of their ‘Humanz’ world tour and album, showing a constantly developing sound in consistently great tracks. ‘Humility’ is a perfect summer single, with the light and jolly guitar riffs combined with spacey synths and the soothing sound of Damon Albarn’s voice. It has a distinctly 70s vibe about it, meaning it sounds like it would fit perfectly on the next Guardians of the Galaxy album. Also, in classic Gorillaz style, the song isn’t complete without watching the accompanying music video.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Under The Sun’ by Roosevelt

This German singer songwriter has been floating around my playlists for the last 5 years. He has a masterful control over synth bass so much so that he also has complete control of my hips. 5 years down the line, and I still can’t stop dancing away when one of his tunes comes on when my iPod is on shuffle. Naturally, when I discovered he was dropping his second EP later on the year, I was over the moon. ‘Under The Sun’ came out a few days ago, and I have listened to it no less than 5 times a day since it dropped. It has been the perfect soundtrack for strutting around in the summer sun. Roosevelt hasn’t stagnated during his time in the limelight. The sound that comes out of this track is jam packed full of poppy hooks. Colourful synths shift this song from his usual funky dance floor tunes to a more summery synth pop vibe. Although the overall sound of the track is cleaner, underlying this wonderfully uplifting tune is the classic bass line that I’ve come to love. The EP, that comes out in September, has a collaboration with another one of my faves in Washed Out. If the EP matches up to this latest drop, I simply can’t wait. Until then, ‘Under The Sun’ more than suffices.

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