It's hot. It might be too hot. Here at The Panoptic though, we've got some cool new beats that we've been chilling out to over the past week. With a dollop of Chance the Rapper and a helping of Kasai, these are our Singles of the Week.

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Amar Mehta, ’65th & Ingleside’ by Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper just surprised fans with four new singles, and on ’65th & Ingleside’, the rapper opens up about his fiancé, Kirsten Corley. Throughout the song, Chance describes the ups and downs of their long-term relationship. The other three songs are a little more experimental compared to traditional Chance, but this one is by far his best song. He raps about his journey from being ‘broke Chano,’ to going on tour with Donald Glover, saying ‘Chano ain’t broke no more.’ It might not be the much expected and anticipated collab with Yeezy but this – and the other 3 songs – are must listen too’s.

Freddie Metherell, ‘Pretty Boys’ by Kasai feat. Joey Bada$$

The U.K. urban scene has been making its mark across the pond recently. Drake’s venture into the Boy Better Know record label has shown the interest in the scene, and with Ella Mai, a relative unknown in UK shores, storming up the billboard hip hop charts, there is evidently a market. This latest release has a funky beat with some licking bass riffs and some really decent vocals by this British singer/songwriter. So good was the track, that critically acclaimed Joey Bada$$ heard the song and wasted no time requesting a feature on the song itself. The lyrics are powerful enough to put the worst behaved of us in our place. I definitely sat up and listened when this song came on. It’s hot!

Image: Machine Records

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