The Panoptic is
the voice of  tomorrow,


The Panoptic was launched July 2016, and is an online magazine committed to high quality journalism and a focus on issues we care about. Coming from a team of students and non-students alike, we want to bring the voice of tomorrow, today.

We currently have several sections: Arts, Comment, In Depth, Science, and Lifestyle. We believe that other newspapers, while allowing for our generation’s opinions, are still restricting us to issues deemed to be student-related. Young people are underrepresented in the mainstream so we are here to provide a voice: The Panoptic.

‘The Panoptic’, or rather the idea of the Panopticon, influenced our decision to name the magazine along those lines. A frequent feature of philosophical debate, from Bentham to Foucault, the Panopticon is a prison design and concept where individuals (or prisoners) must alter their behaviour in the knowledge that they could be watched at any time. In a culture in where the media can constantly ‘watch’ the public, we believe that by naming our magazine The Panoptic, we acknowledge the influence the media has, and in turn that we may have. The Panoptic wants to bridge the gap between watcher and watched: a platform for those currently without a stable voice.


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