Clare Clarke

Editor-In-Chief and Arts Editor, Clare Clarke

As Editor-in-Chief and founder of The Panoptic, I had a very clear goal in my head when setting up the magazine. Student journalism is restricted by its student status, and the bubble in which it is written. By creating a magazine that is not only cross-University but also that does not restrict itself to student-only journalists, The Panoptic seeks to become a credible voice on issues both student and non-student related. The Panoptic was set up by like-minded individuals, with a broad range of different sections, all with the aim of providing a credible voice to our generation that is not restricted. I hope the magazine evolves and progresses as time passes, and as our editors, writers, and readers develop.

Kulsoom Raza

Comment Editor, Kulsoom Raza

As editor of the Comment section, I hope to provide a means of engaging deeper in matters that both students and non-students are passionate about. The section will provide them with an audience to voice their opinions to, and hopefully to inform and educate not only fellow students, but all readers of The Panoptic. In today’s society, free speech is a topic often contested and this contestation is regularly based on from whom this speech is derived. I hope to make the comments section a place where those who have found their voices denounced can freely speak out. The comments section will allow for articles that are not structured around objectivity but which delve into the heart of the authors and which will not shy away from controversy. My hope is that the section will provide a platform for the voices of a diverse range of authors and in turn a diverse range of topics. I endeavour to make the comments section of The Panoptic a chance for those of varying race, nationality and beliefs to be heard.


Dominyka Morkvenaite

Science Editor, Dominyka Morkvenaite

As Science Editor, my aims and intentions for the section stem from my own experience of studying Neuroscience. Whilst I believe that the brain (and the enigma that surrounds it) is a riveting topic, I have also come to understand that the sometimes-convoluted nature of science can serve to seriously hinder its accessibility. Thus, Science within The Panoptic hopes to cover a variety of exciting discoveries and developments across a number of scientific fields in a simple, jargon-free way. Specific emphasis is placed upon clarity and accessibility so that a diverse range of readers can be captivated by the topics covered, regardless of their background.

Eva Bukina

Lifestyle Editor, Eva Bukina

Lifestyle is a very broad topic that will suit me best as a writer and editor since I am enthusiastic and passionate about an array of topics, such as health, fitness, and fashion. I am hoping to bring some humour and lightness with my articles but simultaneously make sure that they are informative and educational pieces that will hopefully get people talking and engage them in discussions, or maybe even inspire them to change up their lifestyle to an extent! I’m very excited to be on board with The Panoptic and its team of young, opinionated, and passionate members that will bring a bit of excitement and individualism with each of the sections involved.


Georgina 2

Deputy Editor, Georgina Redrup

The Panoptic aims to provide its readers with enlightening and engaging articles on the latest national events. The team consists of students based in various locations nation-wide with the aspiration of bringing our readers the most current news stories from around the country. The articles published The Panoptic are written using information acquired from research carried out by the News team themselves with the aim of publishing new material for our readers.


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